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Our experience for your company

We bring years of experience to the table in working with startups and established businesses in Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the U.S. This means we know the phases of growth just as well as international requirements – and master them fluently in four languages. And together, we are Mano Berlin: your helping hand on your way to success.


Pragmatic, solution-oriented and a big fan of automation, with more than 20 years of experience in finance, reporting, administration and a big network in Berlin, Marlett works with you on both the big picture and every detail. From set up to optimising your work processes - Marlett is your helping hand.


Born in Genève, living in Berlin more than 10 years, Raphael love to keep track of everything, even during periods of rapid growth. As prospective accountant with FinTech experience, he lends you his sharp eyes. He can whip your figures into the right format for any report.


Organised from head to toe, with the energy to sort and structure even the largest piles of paper and data – Ninja comes to your office and impresses everyone who looks over her shoulder. In no time at all travel expenses are settled, correspondence from the tax authority is processed competently and your auditors, legal contacts and tax accountants get exactly the documents and information they have been waiting for.

Office & accounting services

Our service includes:

cash management & office admin

all about cash

accounting & reporting

analyse the areas of your business


understand how your business goes

financial accounting

the base for your tax advisor

Happy clients including:

national & international startups

freelancer, consultants, artists

subsidiaries all over the world